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Native support for reCaptcha

Native support for reCaptcha

Sunday 28 November 2010 2:57:59 pm - 4 replies


In the anouncement of the new eZ Publish 4.4 release I read : Your User Generated Content gets a helping hand with the addition of native support for reCaptcha, the Google-based free captcha service on the web, which helps prevent your website from being infested by bot spam.

I installed this new version but I can't find how to proceed to add a reCaptcha to a feedback form. Could somebody explain me how it works ?


Sunday 28 November 2010 4:21:32 pm


You can set reCaptcha parameters in ezcomments.ini

I think that in your [FormSettings] the line AvailableFields[]=recaptcha is commented.

More documentation :

Monday 29 November 2010 8:50:22 am

Hello Daisy,

Thanks for your answer, but this is only for the eZComments extension. I thought that a reCaptcha datatype was created which can be used in any type of class.

For example, on my website I have an offer request form and I wanted to add a reCaptcha. So ideally I edit my class and add a reCaptcha attribute happy.gif Emoticon

Monday 29 November 2010 10:23:23 am

Hello Alain,

You should a look at Bruce's excellent recaptcha extension : . It is used on


Monday 29 November 2010 11:10:00 am

Hello Nicolas,

I used this extension and it works fine ! Thanks.


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