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Need help

Need help

Wednesday 29 October 2014 1:14:43 am - 1 reply


I have recently started to use ezpublish and am stuck while editing the homepage slideshow and the images in the header section. Any help with following questions are much appreciated:

1. I cannot see the homepage in the ezpublish frontend content structure. I do have ftp access to the site. So which file I need to open to edit a slideshow on the homepage?

2. I need to add an image in the header section div. How do I do this. I can see the product page where I need to add the image but don't know how to add it in the admin. Do I need to edit the backend file to add an extra div?

3. Where are the files located in the ftp to edit?

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance


Wednesday 29 October 2014 1:54:44 am

Hello Ash,

First you should not be working on your production website directly.

Instead you should create a local development environment with the current copy of the production source code and database.

Then on the dev env you should enable debug output and start learning how to work with eZ Publish.

It will take you some time to adjust to learn how to do things in eZ properly.

In short you will need to edit the templates which contain the code you wish to change.

We can not tell you where the templates are because this is not a fixed location instead it is variable and usually unique to each site / use case.

Again if you enable DebugOutput on your development env you will be able to locate the templates used on a page and help you find the templates to edit. Remember this list of templates is usually truncated unless you clear all caches (another reason why you do not edit the production site directly).

 Sorry for my short reply, in a rush tonight.

Please get setup on a dev env so you can do the work correctly and efficiently then provide a lot more detail in your next post so we can help.



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