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New site layout

New site layout

Thursday 22 January 2004 8:55:33 pm - 12 replies


Although the new site layout looks like it will be pretty cool, it's broken! In both IE and Mozilla the layout is not properly placed and I can't click on some things. Does anyone else see this?


Thursday 22 January 2004 9:16:50 pm

The structure and design of the website has been updated this afternoon.

If you find any problems in any browsers please report this to info at

We appreciate all information.


Thursday 22 January 2004 10:44:51 pm

The redesign looks good!


Thursday 22 January 2004 10:48:50 pm

Actually I have noticed that I am no longer being notified of new posts in the forums, including the one I posted above. I double-checked my notifications settings, and it shows that I am still subscribed to each of the forums.

Also, when I attempted to respond to another post it actually sent me to a form for creating a new post, even though I had clicked on the reply to a post button.


Modified on Thursday 22 January 2004 10:49:23 pm by Alex Jones

Friday 23 January 2004 9:27:29 am

New design is really nice. I expecially like the new design and navigation location for documentation, it makes it so much more readable.

There are a couple of issues:
* like where the long urls in the comments expand over the blue border.
* The font size for code snippets is a little small for me or am I just getting old?

These things get sorted in time. On the whole a really good transformation.

Nice work guys happy.gif Emoticon


Friday 23 January 2004 12:28:13 pm

the new navigation order is quite better and impressing especially for marketing information, but for the developer content area (section) the design is less useful. Many documentation pages are completely out of (design-)order, as I see a big right table with some repeating information and an empty main-content-area. Somewhere down on the bottom of the page the content starts sad.gif Emoticon

It would be an emprovement to divide the design into belongs of marketing and company and another, more easy for developers.

Best regards,

Friday 23 January 2004 12:47:37 pm

When doing a "post new topic" (Opera 7.11 and my favourite), the search form is displaced out of table to the right. Looks ok in mozilla 1.2b and also in IE 6.026.


Modified on Friday 23 January 2004 12:52:56 pm by Claus Jensen

Friday 23 January 2004 2:30:20 pm

The sorting order is alphabetical. It should be date.


Friday 23 January 2004 3:09:01 pm

I went to view virtual host setup in Mozilla(1.5)... When text size is default the size is way to small to be readable, unless surfing on a video projector happy.gif Emoticon. When viewing with IE 6 the box is at the bottom of the page (text size is also very small).

Huff doing an upgrade right before an weekend, dont you guys enjoy vacations?

Friday 23 January 2004 3:22:27 pm

I would actually like to see Contributions set up a bit differently in general. It would be nice to have the ability to sort by Date or by Alpha. Ultimately though, I think it is time to begin setting up categories for contributions which will make it far easier to find specific types of contributions.


Friday 23 January 2004 4:13:59 pm

Could a link for documentation be added to the community 2nd level navigation?

Getting to docs requires a few page changes from the forums, which is a little cumbersome.


Tuesday 27 January 2004 3:06:35 pm

Just have to add another one...
Some of the pages is completely broken, check for instance:
in both iexplore and opera its looking like garbage, and is unreadable!


Friday 30 January 2004 2:10:17 pm

Some bugs:
- This "Message" edit box and the "Desciption" edit box of the bug reports use a typo, that is too small and "edgy" here.
- The 2nd-Level navigation line (with News | Forum | Bug reports | .... ) is white on blue background. Funnyly, i see a blue line (background colour) "striking through" the top pixels of the text, making it hard to read. (I can send screenshots).
- Probably related: That blue background sometimes continues far down the page (sometimes till the end), giving a blue background in the content area. Most of the time, the blue background is there (blue) in the "breadcrumb" line, making the / characaters and the last node (current node) of the path disappear, because they use the same blue for font size.

Using WinNT, IE 5.0 on 1024x768


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