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newbie in CMS needs help

newbie in CMS needs help

Wednesday 09 July 2003 1:41:21 am - 2 replies

good day,

i want to use ez publish as a CMS for my new site i plan to have a some sort of portal/corporate with loads of mini sites withing the domain. i am quite new in CMS and havent installed one before, i tried installing mamboportal but found it a too cumbersome to install, seeing that ez publish has an auto installer i hope to be using this. i am downloading the Windows 2000/NT/XP Installer (19.58MB) can anyone tell me if this is the right version i should be downloading? i have a desktop w/winXP and my host is using linux. it is quite confusing.

and can anyone know of good sites to get free templates?

best regards.



Wednesday 09 July 2003 9:28:47 am


the installer packages are Apache/PHP/MySQL Packages + the eZ publish files. You only need them, if you do not have a Webserver installed, or you want a clean testing environment.

Should you have Apache installed on your home PC (you will most likely have on with your host), don't use the installer packages. The regular eZ publish files have a setup wizard, which help you to do the initial configuration.

Do you have any experience with PHP, or are you completely new to scripting, etc.?

Saturday 09 August 2003 1:56:52 pm

sorry i forgot about this post, i thought theres no reply to my query as i got no email notification.

anyways, my site is still needs a decent CMS. i managed to download the installer but being new in scripting and PHP failed to implement it and use it for my site.
i would try downloading again the appropriate package. and check out the installer wizard.

thanks. best regards.



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