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Newbie Question

Newbie Question

Tuesday 15 July 2003 12:26:27 am - 1 reply

I have been playingwith the demo and added a Info Page to 'MySite'. The item is added - fine. But how does one control the items listed as links? For example how do I change the position of menu links up or down. I couldnt seem to do it.


Thursday 17 July 2003 9:53:56 am

...change the position of menu links...

Do you mean the order in which the links are displayed or the position of the menu?

I believe there's some sort of 'order by' function, but don't know how it works yet sad.gif Emoticon. To change the position of the menu itself, just edit the correct template.

Good luck, Mark

Modified on Thursday 21 August 2003 4:16:14 pm by Mark Overduin


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