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Norwegian guide to custom tags

Norwegian guide to custom tags

Sunday 16 December 2007 2:25:58 pm - 1 reply

Hi, in case someone needs help with custom tags in eZXML and the online editor, I've written up a guide in norwegian on http://www.cjohansen.no/blogg/200...ember/semantisk_html_med_ez_publish/

It explains what's needed to use <abbr>, <del> and other HTML tags in XML fields (tags that are not already available) using custom tags.

Sunday 16 December 2007 10:23:48 pm

Hello Christian,

Thank you for sharing. I think this is a useful resource.

Would you consider posting a copy of your article on http://ezpedia.org ?

In this way the article may be found and read by more people seeking these answers.



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