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Object without node ( zombie object )

Object without node ( zombie object )

Tuesday 02 October 2012 2:40:21 pm - 5 replies


There is an issue with a content object (content_class eZUser), that has last somehow its node.  

In the DB it is obvious the case!   Object without node   in  ezcontentobject_tree:


select contentobject_id from ezcontentobject_attribute where contentclassattribute_id = 9 and data_text like "%Name%";
| contentobject_id |
|            39097 |
1 row in set (0.25 sec)

select node_id from ezcontentobject_tree where contentobject_id = 39097;
Empty set (0.27 sec)


My question: how to restore the object in a new node?

Modified on Tuesday 02 October 2012 2:48:19 pm by Jurg Klingler

Tuesday 02 October 2012 6:49:40 pm

You may be able to use /content/versionview to publish this object as a node.

I would start at /content/versionview/39097/1 in your admin siteaccess and try the "Manage versions" button on the left, or if the first version of the object is what you want published you may be able to just hit "Publish" at the bottom.

You can also do this with PHP using eZContentOperationCollection::publishNode() for example.

Since the object is a user, I would make sure the issue isn't that the user was created and never confirmed their email - that would result in an object with no node (until the email is confirmed). If that's the case it's probably better to delete the object and recreate the user.

Modified on Tuesday 02 October 2012 6:51:25 pm by Ryan Williams

Saturday 01 June 2013 8:35:21 am

Make sure you always backup your codes, as once you modified and tried to reverse it will bring back to default node.

Monday 17 June 2013 8:42:06 am

Maybe this users are not activated.

You can access them on http://your-admin.siteaccess/user/unactivated

Friday 10 October 2014 12:13:48 pm

In my EZ Publish 4.5 Installation i cant find the "Unactivated User" Tab und /user/unactivated is not available. Is this feature not there in ez Publish 4.5 or what do I have to configure to enable this feature?

Sunday 12 October 2014 7:53:19 am

Hello Gernot,

The user/unactivated module view was added into eZ Publish 4.7 and not available before that point.



My recommendation is to upgrade to eZ Publish version greater than 4.7 (like the current community release!) to then be able to use this functionality.

I hope this helps!



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