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OE "ordered list" bug

OE "ordered list" bug

Monday 15 September 2003 2:48:55 pm - 2 replies

When I create a ordered list in OE it looks okay in admin site. But in user site it only shows 0 for 10 and 1 for 11 and so on = The first letter is missing.

Anyone else have this problem?


Modified on Monday 15 September 2003 3:07:10 pm by Tonny Laursen

Monday 15 September 2003 9:12:52 pm

This looks like a css issue. Try adding the admin.css (copy it first) and include it in the head section of your pagelayout.tpl

If that works, look for "li" and "ol li"

in your css file and see what's specified. You may be missing more things


Modified on Monday 15 September 2003 9:13:42 pm by Paul Borgermans

Tuesday 16 September 2003 8:22:39 am

Correct it was the admin.css. I changed it and now it works.



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