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Monday 08 December 2014 3:08:08 pm - 5 replies

hi every one am new on ez publish and i want to translate my content from frensh to english ,but the issue that flags are not shoawing on the home page,and the submenu are not transtated , any ideas plz 

Modified on Monday 08 December 2014 5:26:21 pm by ghiz lane

Tuesday 09 December 2014 12:03:59 am

Hello ghiz,

You are actually looking to learn how to manage and use 'Content Object Translations'.

You will want to read the following documentation.

First you need to create the new language you want to create content object translations using:


Second you will want to create new translations for your existing content objects:


Remember you will need to create the content object translation text changes yourself. There is no system to automatically translate the content object attribute text changes you require.


Edit: You may also want to read some of these existing articles and forum threads:





Translation setup and use can be a little more complicated than normal so feel free to share more information and ask more questions here in this forum thread. 

I hope this helps!


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Tuesday 09 December 2014 10:21:39 am

thanks for your help ,actually i have translated my content via the admin but what shoud i do to show flag or menu languages that allows visitors to change the language

thats my website anru.fr as you can notice 

Modified on Tuesday 09 December 2014 10:28:32 am by ghiz lane

Wednesday 10 December 2014 7:57:57 am

Hello ghiz,

You prolly want to review the default ezwebin eZ Publish installation.

It provides example usage of the language switcher




I hope this helps!


Wednesday 10 December 2014 6:56:08 pm

thanks you sooooo mush it works for me 

Wednesday 10 December 2014 11:42:12 pm

Hello ghiz,

Great! I'm glad I was able to help you solve your question.

Could you help us out and login to share.ez.no and click the question resolved icon at the top of your original forum message title?

It's the box with the checkbox inside. It turns green when you have clicked it correctly.

Doing this indicates your question has been solved.

Thanks again for your continued support!




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