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"Password forgot" is tailored for unique emails. Does it work with User-IDs?

"Password forgot" is tailored for unique emails. Does it work with User-IDs?

Thursday 16 October 2003 4:38:10 pm - 2 replies

We are migration a 2.2. site to 3.2. We do NOT have unique email adresses and will never have. I can turn of the requirement for unique emails in the .inis, but the "password forgot" asks for an email. It works and sends the email(s) and eventually even re-sets the password, but I don't know for which user. More: It is probably the first user with that email.... how can one reset the password for the other users with that email?

In 2.2, the "password forgot" accepted User-IDs (only). I need the 3.x-function "password forgot" to accept User-IDs, not email-Adresses. How can I do that?

Monday 17 April 2006 4:19:51 pm

Hey Marco,

Did you ever figure out how to do this?


Tuesday 15 June 2010 10:20:19 am


Did you ever work out how to make this work with user IDs? I've just allowed a site to have duplicate email addresses and I'm sure sooner or later someone will try to use the forgot password feature.




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