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path_identification_string empty in ezcontentobject_tree

path_identification_string empty in ezcontentobject_tree

Wednesday 01 February 2012 11:32:28 am - 3 replies


I've just found that many lines in ezcontentobject_tree have empty path_identification_string.

I can access data with a content/view/full/node_id, but is that ok ?

What could be done to get this case ? And solve it...


Tuesday 07 February 2012 9:45:27 am

anyone ?

Tuesday 07 February 2012 1:37:22 pm

Hi Clément,

I can remember having seen what you desribe some months ago while working at a customer, but can't say on which version and in which case it was... so sorry for not being able to help you more. It might needs some in-depth investigations I guess, so if it's urgent, I suggest that you file an issue on your customer private tracker If you have an ezpublish enterprise subscription and call your eZ Systems Representative blunk.gif Emoticon


Modified on Tuesday 07 February 2012 1:40:44 pm by Arnaud Lafon

Tuesday 07 February 2012 6:28:10 pm

Hi Arnaud,


Thank you for your reply, I'll follow your advice and add an issue on the private tracker. happy.gif Emoticon


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