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Payment Gateways Pack: eZ integration with major providers

Payment Gateways Pack: eZ integration with major providers

Thursday 21 June 2007 5:13:00 pm - 20 replies

Hello everybody!

If you have online payment in your eZ system or work with e-commerce, chances are you would be interested in this new project:

Please take a look and leave your comments on the target page because that's were it is supposed to be discussed. If you leave the name of the preferred payment gateway, chances are it will be included and you can take advantage of the extension.

The good news that we will pick up on ourselves! So who's next?

Thursday 21 June 2007 6:46:11 pm


Nice that you want to notify people about this extension proposal.
But please keep this in one thread, preferable this one!

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Thursday 21 June 2007 7:05:26 pm

Hello André,

All it was is finding relevant threads on the subject and attracting interested community members to discussion by posting a reply. There were five recent and naturally forum moves them to the top.

This is a common effort that should benefit all of us as partners, so how about some comments per se?

Tuesday 26 June 2007 12:24:32 am

In my opinion this could be a great move to differentiate eZ Publish from competition like Alfresco, which I think doesn't have any e-commerce "plugin".

Many people are tried of OsCommerce, their slow development, complicated templates, etc... and perhaps with a good number of payment gateways eZ Publish could be a good alternative for e-commerce.

Also, I've found that Plone has a project that tries to implement payment processing:

The eZCurlGateway extension from Brookins Consulting is a good starting point for not redirecting payment gateways.

Friday 03 August 2007 11:45:56 am

Now we can discuss the idea in details with a new specification doc by Brookins Consulting published at

Please post your comments, some input could be:

- What do you think about having one solid eZ payment framework and then easily adding gateways to it?
- From your experience, what are the features or processes missing in current eZ payment implementation?
- Any suggestions to outlined objects model? Maybe additional classes?
- Would you be intersted in participating in this initiative?

Any information will eventually help us all to make eZ better, so please contribute if applicable.

Modified on Tuesday 07 August 2007 1:42:54 pm by Denis Igin

Friday 03 August 2007 2:26:31 pm

I believe that a solid framework for payment gateway is a must. The current setup is time consuming at best.

How will this be funded and who will develop it.


Monday 06 August 2007 3:55:22 pm


The project is in the stage of discussing the details of the solution and forming the team, so everyone is encouraged to join the discussion.

How excellent it is to have a Gold eZ Partner interested and supporting these ideas.

Specifically comments on the architecture would be very much appreciated as they are most important now.

Funds (Money) will be allocated via the regular Open Funding procedure with Brookins Consulting as a leader.

Brookins Consulting

Monday 06 August 2007 8:46:34 pm

Hi Guys,

This is a good idea. We recently had to update the Protx Extension to support 3DAuth which is a new standard put forth by the credit card companies where you need to visit your bank's site and include a password for your card (eg. Verified by Visa).

The extra step is a bit cumbersome, but the important thing is that correctly implementing the 3DAuth scheme allows the card companies to take responsibility for a transaction as opposed to the store.

I guess this should be taken into account when building a general purpose payment integration system.

For reference, here is the Protx integration manual which describes the 3DAuth mechanism in detail.



Tuesday 07 August 2007 8:44:54 pm

Hi guys I don't know if the open funding is for real from EZ because, it is seriously taking too long to get these projects to active funding. That being the case, Click Technologies is willing to put up $3000 for this project. Let's hear from others and get this needed extension built already.

Clay Pereira

Modified on Tuesday 07 August 2007 8:46:44 pm by Clay Pereira

Wednesday 08 August 2007 3:55:05 pm

Hello everybody,

I went through specification. Although I do not have comments on architecture, I relised that specification does not cover things that generated a lot of problems I faced implementing my payment gateway:

First of all, current gateway does not allow for simple methods of payment as pre-payment and payment on delivery. Generally, current architecture only allow for immediate payments. I do not know, how it is in other countries, but in Poland small shops often cannot afford for credit card service. Then they simply selects osCommerce.

Introduction of above mentioned methods of payment requires user billing accounts with functionality like refund, partial delivery, partial payment, etc. I saw refunds in specification, but it is not clear how that should work. However, refund might occur in the situation of partial delivery - for goods ordered and not delivered shop should refund the money. That requires changes in the orders as well.

Other troublesome thing is order number. While currently credit card payment happend before check-out, the shop does not know order number when sending transaction for credit card processing. All there exists is order id. As this is not printed on order it is quite difficult to match orders with trnasactions in the credit card system.

Generally, the problem is not only in the payment gateway, but whole shop is very basic. It does not even have invoice functionality. Also order edit, partial delivery etc. would be very nic to have. My opinion is that the whole shop functionality require re-work, not only the payment part.


Friday 10 August 2007 3:43:07 am


I thought it best to summarize the concerns voiced so far by those participating in this forum topic discussion.

1) <b>Denis Igin</b>; Internet Bureau will contribute the payment gateway support for, ''

2) <b>Andreas Kaiser</b>; This project will differentiate eZ Publish from similar cms solutions which lack proper payment gateway frameworks.

3) <b>Tony Wood</b>; <i>"I believe that a solid framework for payment gateway is a must. The current setup is time consuming at best."</i>

4) <b>Brookins Consulting</b>; Together with our support we will lead the project's design to ensure a complete solution for all

5) <b>Felipe Jaramillo</b>; <i>"This is a good idea."</i>, The framework should provide for the needs of the 3DAuth standard

6) <b>Clay Pereira</b>; Willing to support this project's development with a financial commitment / investment.

7) <b>Piotr Switkowski</b>; Support for partial payments (pre-payments), partial delivery (payments on delivery), refunding payments, canceling order, reissuing order and payment is vital.

7.1) The current shop checkout workflow support for (per session / user) order number transmission to payment gateway service during authorization of payments.

7.2) The current shop is too basic for most e-commerce shops needs. The shop needs functionality to invoice, edit an order, and more. "My opinion is that the whole shop functionality require re-work, not only the payment part."

Thanks to all who have voiced support for the project by taking this first step of participation in the project's specification discussion.

We urge you all to continue to discuss your support, thoughts, ideas, concerns and questions further in the forum thread.

Brookins Consulting

Modified on Friday 10 August 2007 3:43:41 am by Brookins Consulting

Tuesday 14 August 2007 9:17:12 am

Hi Graham,

I am behind this.. Right now, I have a new baby due, so not a lot of time. i.e. Dog ate my homework happy.gif Emoticon

I think creating a solid integration with all types of payment engines so you can almost Wizard any payment engine is a MUST.


Tuesday 14 August 2007 6:56:58 pm


I just read the specification and have to thanks brookins consulting and internet bureau for their work, it is a very good starting point. We are interested by this project, especially for the ServiRed payment gateway, one of the most used in Spain. We already have developed this gateway for ezpublish and faced the different problems already told in this thread.

Microblau is interested to share the knowledge we have with the ServiRed gateway to actively contribute to the specification of this payment framework.


Tuesday 14 August 2007 7:04:27 pm

Congratulations Tony!

Thank you for your continued support!

Graham and all of us at Brookins Consulting wish you and your family the very best!

I think it's an interesting idea you subtly suggest, 'A Payment Gateway Wizard'.

<i>@Christophe Condomines</i>

Thank you for joining the discussion, your unique comments and support. I look forward to your further comments.


Tuesday 18 September 2007 5:55:13 am

Hi all,
I need someone to help me integrate my payment gateway to the ez package. The company I have signed up is called Payment Asia ( Freelance developer is ok as long as this can be done in a short time. Please advice.


Tuesday 18 September 2007 8:53:07 am

The advice I can give you will be based on the folks I know

Take a look at Authorize.NET if it is similar then Brookins Consulting will be your man it is a really good integration.

If it is like Datacash integration then we can help as we have experience with high transaction with it and know where the issues are

Otherwise use the free PayPal and have it done that day happy.gif Emoticon


Tuesday 18 September 2007 10:29:43 am


1. I believe you should create new thread with this kind of requests
2. On the website I could not find the technical details of payment gateway. Probably, they have technical document, that is made available only to the parties that signed contract with them. Without such document it is not possible to estimate cost, time, etc. So shortly, there is not enough information.

Tuesday 18 September 2007 4:46:03 pm

Even turning on the paypal extension is a major headache. It shouldn't be but it is!!

I put something like this in "suggestions" too so I'm totally in favour of it!

C'mon coders, the challenge is there... get it done!!!

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Friday 04 June 2010 9:24:00 am

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Wednesday 11 August 2010 7:42:22 am

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Wednesday 11 August 2010 7:48:52 am

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