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Tuesday 09 December 2003 11:55:54 am - 6 replies

I am brand new to ez publish and I wonder if it is able toi set up several site powered by ez publish on a single server. My question is : can we use ez publish on serveral sites a server (PiV, 2.4 Ghz, 256 Mb) ? Moreover, is it better to have one ez publish installation that manages all sites or (and we would prefer that !), one ez publish instance for each site ?

What would be the performance of the system for exemple : 10 ez publish sites on that server ?

Best regards !


Tuesday 09 December 2003 3:25:22 pm

Franics, how much traffic do you expect the sites to generate? eZ publish can handle 10 different sites, but your server may not be able to handle it if you have large amounts of traffic.

One note, if at all possible add more RAM to your server, no matter which set up you choose. This will have a major impact on the performance of the sites.


Tuesday 09 December 2003 3:45:32 pm

well frankly not much but do you think it would be better to have 10 implementations of ez publish on the server or one ez publish for all sites ? we'd prefer the first option (in term of maintenance, it's much easier for us to separate accounts !).

But to your opinion (this is a Linux/Apache/MySQL server), 512 or even better 1 Gb would be better ?

By the way, thank you for your reply !


Tuesday 09 December 2003 3:57:30 pm

In terms of performance it's faster to have one eZ publish installation running 10 sites. However if some of the sites have very special requirements this can be a problem.

One eZ publish installation uses very much less memory than 10, even if it's running 10 sites. This is specially noticeable when you're using a PHP Accelerator (which is highly recommended).


Tuesday 09 December 2003 3:59:55 pm

Okay a couple of more questions... Are these sites related to eachother? Will they have any content in common?

Personally, I would try to use a single install though it requires a good bit more planning as you need to ensure you set up the appropriate roles and separate content sections. But, it also means that you only have to install extensions and upgrades in one spot. Also, it can cut down on different logins/accounts for people who use more than one of the sites.

As for RAM, upgrading to 512 megs should be a noticeable improvement. Then, you can watch the server's performance and decide if you need to bump it up to 1 gig.


Tuesday 09 December 2003 4:02:20 pm

You can run the sites on the same eZ publish installation but with different database. This does not require that much planning but gives the speed/memory gain since you will have 1/10 the number of files which needs to be compiled and stored in memory.


Tuesday 09 December 2003 4:09:35 pm

ok i understand this ! the sites won't be related to each other but we currently run a dedicated server with an ensim interface (that gives us the possibility to manage the account of our clients). setting up ez publish for the whole server would be beyond our network and server knowledge...but your explanation on memory use especially for caching templates is quite relevant ! We count on a maximum of 200 users a day on each site which is not much but with 10 installations (I mean 10 ez publish) it might be too much for our server even with 512 Mb !


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