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Performance problem: need some clarity

Performance problem: need some clarity

Thursday 25 September 2003 7:25:52 pm - 1 reply

Hi guys,

ok, im running eZ on a PII 233MHz, 128Mb piece of shit (Linux, Apache, php_accelerator). I know this is to slow for a site to serve pages under one or two seconds.

I cannot use ViewCaching because I need ezenv to make some basic form communication. Are there websites or even applications that do not POST or GET data to the system and retrieve appropriate data? Do they all disable ViewCaching? They can't!

A simple site (info page, cache-blocks for navigation) takes 5-8 seconds to load!

So without ViewCaching, what type of CPU would I need in order to get my pages >1s?

Thanks a lot!

PS.: Would be interested, what type of hardware you run eZ on (especially when hosted by your ISP on a shared server!)

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Thursday 25 September 2003 8:03:22 pm

Although the hardware would be suitable for apache HTML hosting. I think you might want to increase the spec a little. I would suggest upping the ram to 512mb. It is soo cheap now to buy ram that its almost the first step.

As for the the post problem, i would work a way round this as eZ works best with template compile on.



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