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PierSongs : The eZ Terra Dome

PierSongs : The eZ Terra Dome

Tuesday 31 March 2015 3:40:48 pm - 1 reply

Hello eZ Community!

Tonight I saw the tweet, https://twitter.com/Hex_sk/status/582654928272941057 calling for song contributions for the eZ Summer Camp (2015).

I was inspired to share with others a song I had recently been working on about the eZ Publish Community.



I was incredibly excited to see the song was merged in less than 7min by emodric!

I hope you enjoy it as much I do! Try singing the lyrics along with the music happy.gif Emoticon It has meaning(s) blunk.gif Emoticon

If you like to sing, consider submitting your song PR; why not?

Take it eZ!

THEME: Sole : mansbestfriend vol.5 : Terra-Dome, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW7JMuvRHFE

Listen to the theme (on repeat) while you read this message, the tweet that prompted action on my part, the pull request discussion and the song lyrics!

Wednesday 01 April 2015 4:53:45 pm

Hello Again!

I was inspired again and contributed another more uplifting and positive song than my first submission: The eZ Sharing Song blunk.gif Emoticon



I truly wish more people would sing this song and I hope that sharing the lyrics will encourage others to sing the song with others in small groups and .. share!

When I sing it it reminds me why it is so important to share when it comes to our software.

Let's all sing the song ... together happy.gif Emoticon

Take it eZ!


THEME: Jack Johnson : The Sharing Song, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvY0RKZZPuc


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