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Policies for translator role (3.8)

Policies for translator role (3.8)

Saturday 10 June 2006 11:50:28 am - 7 replies

I'm trying to set up a role for translators, restricted to creating new translations of existing objects, and editing that translation, both restricted to a specific language.
It appears that the content/edit function is required, the content/translate function alone doesn't give the user enough permissions to create a new translation. However, if a policy includes the content/edit function, the user can also create and remove object relations. How can I prevent that?

Saturday 10 June 2006 1:12:48 pm

Hi Marc
mayby try with:
content/versionread - (Status( Draft , Published , Pending ))

Saturday 10 June 2006 2:27:06 pm

Maybe I wasn't clear, but I want to limit the rights, rather than extend them, so I don't need content/create, and I want the translator to only edit text, not object relations. Content/edit is needed to translate/edit text fields, but it also allows creation/deletion of object relations, that's what I want to prevent.

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Saturday 10 June 2006 7:44:58 pm

Did U try to check "Disable translation" field in your class /Object relation attribute/ ?

Saturday 10 June 2006 8:05:01 pm

I'm not talking about attribute relations here, but object relations on the object level, as specified in the Related Objects section at the bottom of the content/edit view.

Sunday 11 June 2006 10:33:48 am

Hi Marc

I think that what you want to achieve is not possible at the moment.

You can always post an enhancement request for it.

Sunday 11 June 2006 12:21:01 pm

In my opinion, to create translations of existing objects, the user should not need the content/edit function, just the content/translate function. But how it is setup in 3.8, translating content is done in the content/edit view, so a user who is doing just translations of existing objects also need permission for edit, and thus enabling creation/deletion of object relations.
So, it seems object translation is seen (by eZ publish developers) as an extension to object editing, rather than as a limitation, which would be more logical, in my opinion.
I wonder how other creators of multi-language sites think about this.

Thursday 11 January 2007 9:29:19 am

Any news on this matter?
Not being able to separate Edit right and Translation right is a real limitation for an international community deployment.


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