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possible bug or user error????

possible bug or user error????

Wednesday 14 May 2003 7:07:09 pm - 5 replies

Hi everybody!
I created a new content class object consisting of some text fields, some enumerations, some images and some binary files. The problem is, that this new content object filled with data can't be moved within the datastructure. After clicking the move-icon a hint "input was stored successfully" appears instead the expected browse-screen.

Has anybody a suggestion?


Modified on Thursday 15 May 2003 3:50:37 pm by Michael Bolien

Saturday 17 May 2003 5:18:11 pm

Turn on debugging and check if you get any error messages. This should be set in your configuration file:



Saturday 17 May 2003 10:37:08 pm

Jo, thank you for your advice! I did those modifications in the site.ini.append.php file. Now I got many debug lines.

The weird thing is, if I click the move-icon in an ordinary article (the default one), I get a redirection button and debug-output. After clicking the redirection button the browse screen appears.

If I click the move-icon in my new content class object, no redirection page appears, instead the hint "input was stored successfully" and below all many debug lines which are telling that many update-calls has been processed in mySQL and that the input "was stored successfully".

What could be the clue of that?

Regards, Michael

Monday 26 January 2004 4:03:02 pm

Hi folks,
It´s been a while since this thread was created, and I wonder if this problem has been resolved?

I ran into something similar now. A user with some restrictions cant add a related object to an article.
For instance, if the user chooses to make a new image, using the related objects-options in the column to the right, it doesnt work.
The ordinary "Browse" page doesnt occur. Instead the system returns to the article with the message "Input was stored successfully".

I have found out that if I remove the restrictions regarding sections from this users role, everything works like a charm. So is this perhaps a bug regarding sections? It doesnt help if I allow the "New Section" or "Standard Section" to the role. But it do work if I allow all sections.

Any ideas appreciated!

Nicklas Lundgren

Thursday 20 May 2004 10:08:20 pm

I think it's a bug.... or it's user error. happy.gif Emoticon

I just posted the same problem earlier today. See this link:

Please help!

Ken Colwell

Friday 21 May 2004 2:32:04 pm

Nicklas : Your problem is probably related to a already reported bug :
This bug is being addressed these days

Michael : Are you trying to move the node with the admin user or with a user with limited privileges ?
You might lack some privileges.
It could also be a bug, possibly also releated to

Try to create a small repeateable testcase and report it as bug (role definitions and line of action to disclose bug)
If you report it, add an referense to your bugreport in my bugreport (the link above) as the problems might be releated.


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