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Preview ignores site-design overrides

Preview ignores site-design overrides

Tuesday 05 August 2003 6:09:46 pm - 1 reply

If have an article with a object relation to an image. I have overridden the standard ezembed.tpl in order to display the thumbnail directly in the article.
In preview mode however, override.ini is omited.
When copying my site-designs override.ini into my settings/siteaccess/admin folder (corporate_site_admin, I'm using the corporate_site template to build up my site), preview is displayed correctly.

Shouldn't preview look for the site-designs override.ini in the first place?

Applies to 3.2-1 beta.


Modified on Wednesday 10 September 2003 11:29:27 am by Thomas Brandl

Monday 06 October 2003 4:32:31 pm

I just found this out today too.

I need to add in overrides from my user siteaccess to the admin siteaccess. Obviously this causes scalability problems (several siteacccess overrides).

Is this a bug or a feature?

I also found two bugs relating to previews:

There is an easy fix for the default preview bug but im not sure about the other.

Anyone else use preview, 3.2, and have problems?



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