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Preview in siteaccess

Preview in siteaccess

Thursday 02 April 2009 11:37:42 am - 7 replies


When I'm editing a content object and I click on the "view" button I have a preview of my page but in the admin interface big-smile.gif Emoticon

Y can see it here :

Thanks for help !

Monday 20 April 2009 10:12:23 am


Please, can somebody help me ? I have to publish this website soon and I can't do this with that bug happy.gif Emoticon

Thanks !

Monday 20 April 2009 10:34:17 am

What kind of siteaccess matching do you use on this setup?

Monday 20 April 2009 10:47:43 am

I use URL matching.

Tuesday 21 April 2009 9:33:42 am

What happen if you change siteaccess on the left hand side? Does it always use admin siteaccess?

Tuesday 21 April 2009 10:04:27 am

Hmm, there has to be a way to change a variable, so it changes it from the admin section, to the main site. Did you happen to look for that?

Tuesday 21 April 2009 10:47:43 am

Hi Ɓukasz,

I tried to change the siteaccess and updated the view but there's no changes...

Friday 04 December 2009 2:52:58 pm

Hi Alain, maybe your problem is following:

On my site i use the setting workaround (comment: #254476). Now it work fine.


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