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Private/Internal Messaging

Private/Internal Messaging

Tuesday 08 January 2008 2:56:54 am - 3 replies

We are looking to add private messaging capability (developing on version 3.9.3) so that a user can send an internal message to another system user and these messages can be deleted, saved, or viewed by the users. Many platforms have this functionality, but we don't see it in the core code or in the various extensions. How have others dealt with this issue?

We are using vbulletin for our forums (we are a marketplace, and forums are one of our features). Is there a way to leverage vbulletin's built in PM functionality to extend to the ez publish based site?

Thanks in advance.


Wednesday 03 September 2008 2:44:02 pm

I'm currently exactly the same thing as Ross, like the feature "Private messaging" described at http://ez.no/solutions/community_portal ... I did not find any extension about this. Any idea ?



Wednesday 03 September 2008 2:49:29 pm

Check out this related project:

It sounds like what you need.

Wednesday 03 September 2008 2:54:35 pm

Haha thank you ! I've just found this when you were writing your post...


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