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Problem with a new food class

Problem with a new food class

Tuesday 16 September 2003 4:53:56 pm - 1 reply


I'm working on a food class, where someone can put his own recipe. Now the problem is how to make sure that I have enough places for someone to put all the ingredients?

For example:
If i decided to put only 3 lines textline and someone has a recipe with 4 ingredients, there is a problem.

I'm thinking of making an two pages; the first one with the option to enter how many ingredients the recipe consist of and then click continue to enter the ingredients. Is this a good solution and how can I accomplish this?

Modified on Tuesday 16 September 2003 4:54:11 pm by Shurbann Martes

Tuesday 16 September 2003 5:58:57 pm

Since I'm hungry: use the matrix datatype (ezp3.2) for ingredients. By default, the interface allows to add rows to such objects.



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