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Problems with Information Collection's results...

Problems with Information Collection's results...

Tuesday 05 October 2010 8:08:50 pm - 3 replies

I have a strange Problem with my information collection form, which collects informations very well, but doesnt show a result template (the form's tpl is showed instead of it...).

I have checked everything - overrides are looking good (i have two: one for the form, one for the result's page, collect.ini is also ok)...

As i said: The collection is performed, but the /content/collectedinfo/xx show's the form, not the collectedinfo override sad.gif Emoticon

Im using 4.4 (its not my first eZ Project, ive realized several sites with several forms and never hat that problem... but this is my first use of 4.4)

If someone has an idea, pls help happy.gif Emoticon Thx for Support


Monday 13 December 2010 12:23:30 am


Can you paste your template override rule?

Thursday 20 January 2011 1:25:07 pm

Hi Sebastian,

I've the same problem. Have you resolved?

Monday 31 January 2011 12:30:15 pm

I have this problem if I send a mail from embed view, don't know how to get the $collection info...

my problem is the $node.contentobject_id

from embed object I have another object id, my solution:

{if or(not($collection_id),not($node.contentobject_id))}
    {foreach $node.children as $children}
        {if eq($children.class_identifier,'feedback_form')}
            {def $embedobjectid = $children.contentobject_id}
    {def $collection = fetch( content, collected_info_collection, hash( contentobject_id, $embedobjectid ) ) }
    {def $collection = cond( $collection_id, fetch( content, collected_info_collection, hash( collection_id, $collection_id ) ),
                              fetch( content, collected_info_collection, hash( contentobject_id, $node.contentobject_id ) ) )}

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