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Publishing articles and authors

Publishing articles and authors

Sunday 20 July 2003 2:02:42 am - 1 reply

Hi all,

EZ3 really looks great, and I am finding reasonably easy to work with at the moment - great work guys!
Although I have a couple of questions.

1) I have created a new class called download_review, obvioulsy for download reviews. I have added all the relevent parts, such as xml fields and date, etc... However, I have a field called author name, which I was wondering if it possible to 'fill' automatically with the name of the logged in member writing the review? Kind of the same way you can have the date auto-filled by the current date?

2) To organise my downlod reviews, I created a new section called Downloads under root, with a number of folders named by the type of software being reviewed under the Downloads section. Then when I create a download_review I 'send it for publishing' to the relevent folder within the Downloads section. However, these download_reviews do not show up in the relevent folders at all, they just seem to disappear completely. I can publish the reviews to directly under the Downloads section, but then they aren't organised which is basiccaly the point of the whole section. Any ideas what is going wrong?

Thanks for your help,


Sunday 20 July 2003 12:54:48 pm

1) These are already with the download review owner and creation/modification dates of the object.

2) If you have fixed folders for the different types, try setting

<input type="hidden" name="NodeID" value="<value of the type>" />

Instead of a hidden field, you can create a dropdown list in the edit template for your class where the reviewer can select tye type with some meaningful name.

Also check the roles for your new class if these reviews keep "disappearing".



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