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Quality features in 3.1?

Quality features in 3.1?

Wednesday 02 July 2003 10:23:31 am - 2 replies

what are the failover, redundancy, stability and performance features available in ez publish version 3?

Wednesday 02 July 2003 11:59:00 am

failover, performance & redundancy: multiple read databases are supported.

Redundancy on web server level: this can be done with apache. Read especially the mod_rewrite docs on http://httpd.apache.org

Stability: not seen problems thusfar. Bugs are there, but until now did not "corrupt" anything

Performance: the internal caching + a php accelerator are a must for high load sites (also need top notch hardware)


Wednesday 02 July 2003 3:09:38 pm

I agree, a good accelerator is a must, but if you can boost up the CPU and memory as eZ is very CPU hungry.

Database access is important but in our test is only makes up about 3% of the total time taken to create a page.


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