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Question about users and roles

Question about users and roles

Thursday 10 July 2003 11:08:41 am - 3 replies

I have a usergroup: Editors
I have two users: User1, User2
I have a role: Editors

What I want is this:

User1 has only access to /sports/soccer/
User1 can only read/create/edit everything in 'soccer'
User2 has only access to /sports/basketball/
User2 can only read/create/edit everything in 'basketball'

I want to place both users in the role 'Editors', inherit its permissions and give the users additional rights individually.

Is this possible?

Example: If I have... let's say... 25 users, do I need to create 25 roles, or can I place 20 of them under the role 'Editors' and 5 under the role 'Administrators' (and of course give each user additional rights)?


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Thursday 10 July 2003 11:16:52 am

You only need to create one role pr "access rule". E.g. if you want people (one or more) to access one function you need a role. This role can then be assigned to one or more users and/or user groups.

To simplify management you should make users in user groups and assign roles to these groups.


Role A: read access to documents (class x).
Is assigned to Group A.

Group A: a user group which contains n number of users. All users who are created under this group will get access to class X as defined by Role A.

In your case you can set this up using sections or subtree permissions. And yes, it's possible.

Hope this answered your question,


Thursday 10 July 2003 12:32:18 pm

Ok... thanx.

Something else: I want to give a user the rights to view only '/sports/soccer/'. Works fine; The user can login and see the root (with only one folder: sports). The user can click 'sports' and will only see the folder 'soccer', etc...

Is it possible that the user cannot see the folder 'sports', only 'soccer' ?

Situation: The user logs in and get to 'Root'. There is only one folder, named 'soccer'. Is that possible?

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Monday 14 July 2003 9:18:02 am


Is this possible?


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