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Question on OE 4.1 feature

Question on OE 4.1 feature

Saturday 03 June 2006 6:16:55 pm - 2 replies

the current Community Newsletter talks about a very interessting new feature in the OE 4.1:
"In addition, this version of the Online Editor includes an option to create new uploaded objects under the current (published) object. This feature is available for all supported eZ publish versions."

Can anybody confirm, that this works? blunk.gif Emoticon
Current, out editors have some "workflow issues" when creating a new (!) article and adding images/files to it (as children), _before_ publishing it. Technically, the issue probably is, that that article is not published at that time (just a draft), so it does not have a node, where ez could place child objects like images and files.

So, will that work with the current versions of the OE?

Saturday 03 June 2006 8:45:20 pm

look at the new feature introduced in ez 3.8, it only works after published once

Monday 05 June 2006 12:04:22 pm

Hi Marco,
The "workflow issues" are still here:
and add your comment.


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