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Recover password process broken?

Recover password process broken?

Thursday 23 October 2014 5:39:47 am - 2 replies


I'm trying to reset a password to access the forums and the process doesn't seem to be working properly.

I access , fill in my email, I then click the link on the "You forgot the password" email. Then I receive an email with a new password but I can't still login with it.

Could it be something wrong with my account or something failing in auth mechanism at eZ?
Please email me and I'll gladly provide full details

I'll re-test this process in a couple of days, for the chance that there are some gremlins interfering with it at the moment.

Cheers and thanks,


Thursday 23 October 2014 2:25:50 pm

HiĀ Io

I just tested this functionality and found that it works, but there could be some special conditions with your account, particularly if it has not been used for quite a while.

I suggest you try it one more time, and if it does not work request assistance from login-support at ez dot no. Specify the email and username associated with the account in your email.



eZ Systems

Thursday 30 October 2014 5:16:44 pm

Hi Jostein,

Just did. Thanks..

Turns out I was attempting to login with my email instead of my username. (//blushes)

Thank you, @support, for the quick and precise assistance.


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