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Recreate image variations?

Recreate image variations?

Tuesday 21 October 2003 11:07:14 am - 7 replies


Does anyone know how to recreate image variations apart from uploading a new file (re-publishing does not work)?


Tuesday 21 October 2003 11:15:31 am

Aren't variations created when the object is viewed? Maybe its a permissions issue.


Tuesday 21 October 2003 1:29:35 pm

Tx for replying,

The trouble is for images (.bmp) which had no rule to convert to in image.ini. After adding the rule, new .bmp files get correct image variations, the older ones do not. Apperently the "reference" image is only created when a new file (.bmp) is submitted.

I think we need a script to recreate all reference images and variations for the case something is changed in image.ini


Tuesday 21 October 2003 2:47:38 pm

I see what you mean now. Variations will appear but they do need the reference images to work from...

Hopefully the new image system will cover this issue?


Wednesday 22 October 2003 1:38:42 pm

> Hopefully the new image system will cover this issue?

Yes, all variations/aliases will be recreated if the image variation file is missing or the variation settings change.

Friday 24 October 2003 9:12:13 pm

there is a table called something like "ezimagevariations". I think, emptying that will make ez re-create ALL variations (if you can afford this).

Friday 24 October 2003 10:23:34 pm

Clearing the table only works when there is a valid reference image created. When you change image.ini settings this may invalidate the current reference images (or maybe absent if you forgot to add the right rules for conversion)

If I understand the svn checkin comments right, this issue (will|is) also being dealt with


Saturday 25 October 2003 9:21:48 am

Ah, of course, you are right. You need a new reference image and my hint will not help you there.


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