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Related objects

Saturday 11 October 2003 12:04:54 am - 3 replies

I have added related objects to a corporate 'about' page. But these related objects dont show up on the user page demo.
Are they supposed to? If not then how are related objects shown???


Monday 13 October 2003 7:05:45 pm

Hi there alans

How have you setup the related objects in the about page? Did you just browse for related objects, or did you also copy the

<object id='xx' />

code which appears next to the object into the XML field? If you didn't then it will not show up.

As default the object will show up as a link, but you can control how they are displayed by modifying:


Also note that related objects only work through the XML field.

Monday 13 October 2003 8:41:34 pm

Since I posted on Saturday I have come on considerably!

Thanks for the pointers. I did copy the id code for the object to get a link at the bottom but the embed template is what I am looking for. I also found doing a general search on the site and forums produced really useful info and I was able to target my questions and get answers rather than reading thru the tons of documents. I have found EZPublish really intimidating in th past but as I am longer in the tooth I am ready to wrestle with it a bit more now.

Scary theme code though - extremely off putting for the non-programming users.....

Oh and I am not sue I understand "Also note that related objects only work through the XML field."

What does that mean?


Monday 13 October 2003 9:34:42 pm

Related objects *do work* outside xml attributes, you can bring them to the surface with the current $node and look for the related objects array


{$node|attribute(show,2)} to find them



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