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related siteaccess

Tuesday 05 August 2014 3:50:17 pm - 1 reply


i have a problem, i have 2 site access that the  content located in both folders  is  available for both site accesses, so if i create a new object in one it will be accessible from the other site access

 as a result i have a problem in url alias generation if i have one object in one of them and i create another one which have the same name, it's url alias will be " /(name of object)2"  help please



Tuesday 05 August 2014 5:35:28 pm

Well, this is correct at first sight.

It is the same thing if you only have only 1 siteaccess, and create 2 objects with the same name at the same place: the objects will be created, and the urls will be objectName and objectName2.

I am not sure on the other hand that I understand your need:wy are you tring to create twice the same object?

In other terms: are you using a single content tree, or 2 content trees, with content multilocated in both? Do you have some content which is only available in one site but not the other?

Also, are the 2 siteaccesses showing the same language or different languages?

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