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Remove user: Email still exists

Remove user: Email still exists

Thursday 22 January 2004 11:48:35 am - 2 replies


I have been trying to figure out why removing the user object doesn't destroy the account data completely...
While I was testing the user registration templates I discovered that no matter what I do with the user objects, the email data is not erased. Now I have run out of different email addresses... blunk.gif Emoticon

Is there some special way to remove user object or is this a bug?... I managed to remove the user object completely manually from database, but I will not do that for all users that might want to unregister and register again sometime later...


Thursday 22 January 2004 12:02:22 pm


You don't say which version you are using, but have a look at this bug ->

Friday 23 January 2004 9:54:23 pm

yeah sorry,
I use version 3.2.3

Thanks for the link! I added the updated code and it works well...



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