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runcronjobs.php on a multisite ez instalation

runcronjobs.php on a multisite ez instalation

Thursday 03 April 2003 3:45:12 pm - 1 reply

Does runcronjobs.php works on all sites that the instalations has, but with diferent databases?
If don't, any ideias how could i have it?


Paulo Almeida

Monday 07 April 2003 3:20:22 pm

Currently the scripts aren't run with a specific siteaccess this means that the database information must be specified in thew override site.ini file.

This is something that we will look into for an upcoming release.

For now you can edit the runcronjobs.php script and add:
$access = changeAccess( array( 'name' => 'mysiteaccess', 1 ) );
where mysiteaccess is the name of the siteaccess you want to use, eg. user, admin or a custom one.


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