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Search Engine and user rights

Search Engine and user rights

Sunday 28 June 2015 3:02:09 pm

Hi there, I got a tricky question about an old installation of EZ publish and some bizarre situation I experienced. Please allow me to elaborate.


I created a folder with some text. Within this folder I placed some documents and other objects/items.
Within the text I also imbued an image, alligned on the right of the text.
Now we know that images loaded this way get hosted in the /media/images folder of the EZ publish installation.

Now comes the tricky part. Within that page I set the user group allignment to Administrator. After that nobody could see the page (viewers of the site) and other editors of the site could not interact with the folder and its contained items because they didn't have enough rights.
So far so good.

The problem is that every sort of user (even non logged viewers) could see the image I imbued into the folder text thanks to the fact that such image was appearing in searches done through the EZ Search Engine, which was indeed performing searches even in the /media/images/ folder.


Isn't this a bit strange? Aside from the fact that by default /media/images/ should be a system folder where the search engine doesn't perform searches within (unless some specific conditions are fulfilled), but even aside of that, an image which gets inserted into the system by imbuing it into a folder page, should inherit its characteristics. I.e. if that folder is set to be viewable only by a specific user group, shouldn't the same happen to that specific image as well?


Thanks for opinions and insights.

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