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security features in 3.1?

security features in 3.1?

Wednesday 02 July 2003 10:27:58 am - 2 replies

What are the security features available in ez publish v3 and what level of involvement open source community have in ez publish v3?

Wednesday 02 July 2003 3:06:09 pm

For security, of eZ3 you have apart from your own sysadm setups for apache, mysql/postgreSQL etc, Linux (or other os), admin PKI.

eZ System:
hash passwords,
mod rewrite to prevent access to system files
config files all .php to prevent http display

eZ Interface:
Output washing for cross script problems.
Seperate admin login, so you can have admin on a completely seperate URL.

Overall its a pretty secure system, if setup correctly.

I hope this helps


Thursday 03 July 2003 1:34:52 pm

Thanks Tony

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