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Sessions and cookies

Sessions and cookies

Thursday 19 April 2012 10:19:34 am - 5 replies

Hi, sorry if this has been answered elsewhere already. I did a quick search but couldn't see anything relevant.

With the new EU cookie law looming on the horizon has any found a clear answer on whether session cookies are exempt from asking a user's permission. And if they aren't, how do you stop eZ from setting it?



Thursday 19 April 2012 11:30:51 am

I believe that cookies that are required for service to function properly are exempt from the law. Session cookies (eZSESSID) are obiously required for the service (user login) so they should be exempt. Moreover, because they are not set until the user explicitly requests the /user/login page, which would implicitly mean that he/she allows the session cookie to be set if he wants to login.

Thursday 19 April 2012 12:33:02 pm


Thursday 19 April 2012 5:26:45 pm

I was trying to write a template operator to check for this but ran into a problem. It only gets call once after the cache is cleared. I've tried putting the site into development more (it is a test site), disabling caches, removing cache-blocks but nothing seems to work.

Is there anything else you can suggest or do I need to do everything in javascript to bypass it?

Thursday 19 April 2012 11:20:37 pm

Two things:

1. ez used to set  session cookie even for anon users, but this has been turned off by default in version 4.4 (iirc)

2. put your template operator in the pagelayout, as all operators dealing with sessions, cookies etc... This way it will not be part of caches. If it is already in the pagelayout, make sure it is not within a cache-block

Friday 20 April 2012 12:19:12 pm

Thanks. Turns out it was my own stupidity. I had checkCookie in one place when it was checkCookies in all the rest.


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