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Setting up e-commerce / shop

Setting up e-commerce / shop

Monday 13 October 2003 6:46:18 pm

Can someone please help.

I have trawled through the documentation and forums, tried various different searches and cannot find any information on how to setup a shop in ezPublish 3!

I know that I can look at the code for some of the pages of the ez.no shop to see what some of the required fields are, but it does not tell me:

1) Why the field is required
2) How to introduce more advanced options, such as adding warrantees to products, or colour options etc.

The e-commerce (or shop) section is talked about a lot on the information pages trying to sell eZ, but there is no documentation! and I don't expect to have to reverse engineer the product to find out how to use it.

Please help!!!!
(a frustrated developer)

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