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simple Download Link???

simple Download Link???

Monday 22 September 2003 2:47:43 pm - 3 replies


I've a class with a Datatype BinaryFile. How does a "download-link" look like? ( {attribute_view_ ....} ???)


Tuesday 23 September 2003 9:25:33 am

I turned on the Template Debugging in the Backend and found out, that there is this ezbinaryfile.tpl but I don't know how to use it. Maybe you know?

Tuesday 23 September 2003 12:35:13 pm

I can only partially answer this because I'm having my own troubles with this feature happy.gif Emoticon

I used the little magnifying glass icon under "related objects" area (to the right of the screen whilst creating/editing files) to find the object (file). When you click ok you are left with a little bit of detail about the object, it's name, object ID and link location.

Copy and paste the link location into the xml format for a link and change it to normal (non admin) location (assuming you're using uri like me) so you get something like:

<link class='file' href=''>here</link>

Congratulations, now you should have something that doesn't work but looks a lot better than an error message. But don't feel bad, this is as far as I've managed to get too blunk.gif Emoticon

Please let me know if you figure out what to do next! I will do likewise! Sorry I couldn't be more help!


Wednesday 24 September 2003 11:38:47 am

do the fetching...


{node_view_gui view=full content_node=$Child:item}

Put this in the ezbinaryfile.tpl

a href={concat("content/download/",$attribute.contentobject_id,"/",$,"/file/",$attribute.content.original_filename)|ezurl}>{$attribute.content.original_filename|wash(xhtml)}</a> <td align="right">{$attribute.content.filesize|si(byte)}</td>

Regards Bjørn


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