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Simultaneous Login

Simultaneous Login

Tuesday 08 July 2003 12:33:45 pm - 4 replies

Do anybody hav experience on how many simultaneous users can be handled by EZ 3 ? I need at least 1'500 users at a time

Tuesday 08 July 2003 12:48:59 pm

In our tests using Siege (a testing tool) we have 90 concurrent session working well with eZ.

I think the question would be what these 1,500 users are doing and are they all doing it at the same time?

We have sites that push 1,500 unique visitors a month using eZ 3 without problem. But if your users are posting, running db access to backend systems, you may need to think about your system architecture.

eZ can scale, but allow plenty of processing power and memory. http://ez.no/developer/ez_publish...s/ez_publish_3_enterprise_setup_test is an example of a setup, but of course the architecture is up to you.

I hope this helps


Tuesday 08 July 2003 2:12:10 pm

We've got about 4000 unique visitors pr day here at ez.no and serving between 30.000-40.000 pages pr day. Still the servers have a load on 0.3 in average, so we have plenty to go on.


Wednesday 09 July 2003 9:28:36 am

I'm talking about a requirment for 1'500 sessions to be open at a time. The applic would be for schools in a province. So at some times, we might have very high peak.

Wednesday 09 July 2003 10:03:45 am

We have 50.000+ active sessions here at ez.no. Active sessions also depend on the session timeout settings.

But active sessions is not a very good measure for performance on a webserver. It does not say _how_ active each person are. Some users just reloads one page. Others browse the whole site, upload files etc..

To get accurate measure of performance you should measure it in response time/pages pr hour etc..



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