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Some PHP benchmarks done with eZ Platform

Some PHP benchmarks done with eZ Platform

Friday 15 January 2016 6:41:46 am

I rand a bunch of benchmarks a couple of weeks ago. These could be helpful for you in considering baseline performance changes you can achieve with different options:

  1. Symfony Benchmarks: PHP 5.6, HHVM 3.11 and PHP 7.0.1
  2. Symfony Benchmarks: Scaling PHP by adding CPU & RAM
  3. Symfony Benchmarks: Symfony Proxy vs. Varnish
  4. Symfony Benchmarks: PHP-FPM vs. PHP-PM (on PHP 7 and HHVM)
  5. Symfony Benchmarks: Symfony Microkernel, Lumen, Silex, Slim...

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