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Sorting the forum threads

Sorting the forum threads

Thursday 27 March 2003 6:48:08 pm - 4 replies


just wanted to let you know that the forum would be much easier to work with if the threads were not sorted according to the date of the initial post but that of the last post. That way, new posts will not get lost as much.

E.g. if someone answers an old thread and has something interesting to say it will most definitely get overlooked, since remembering the number of posts is not really an option. blunk.gif Emoticon


Thursday 27 March 2003 7:16:26 pm

And a lot more (as always):

- reply to: copy message body with indents or > and also the subject title with RE: in front of it
- show total replies and number of new messages (setting in some ini file or per user in "My Site"blunk.gif Emoticon
- make true threading (one of the nice features from 2.2.x)
- user-side sort options
- show/hide threads

happy.gif Emoticon

Friday 28 March 2003 11:28:02 am

I've just changed the forum frontpage to show the last message or topic. I also changed the limit from 5 to 6. Hopefully this will be better.

We will continue to improve the forums at, thanks for the suggestions.


Saturday 29 November 2003 6:07:44 pm

Thanks, but i have some other questions regarding the forum.

How do you fetch the last reply when you list a forum.

And you do you include the original message when you reply?

- Bjarte

Saturday 20 December 2003 11:04:34 pm

I agree


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