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Stats and ratings on articles?

Stats and ratings on articles?

Wednesday 03 May 2006 2:19:49 pm - 1 reply

I'm new to eZ but I must say that at first glance it looks really, really good. *two thumbs up*

I've been looking at both the core code and in the community contributions and I didn't find any mods or demos on how to allow users to rate articles and/or collect how many times this article has been viewed. The site I've been working on has a bunch of articles so it's very handy for my users to see either very popular articles or articles that have high ratings.

Is it possible to use the core code to create that kind of system or does it require me to write up a module? Has anyone seen this kind of feature on an eZ site?

Wednesday 03 May 2006 4:07:10 pm

Have a look at this :


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