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Strange Fatal error: eZ Publish did not finish its request

Strange Fatal error: eZ Publish did not finish its request

Friday 10 August 2012 3:41:25 pm - 3 replies

Hi. Im having this sporadic error. Only happens once every 50-70 published articles.We have ezflow and EZ 4.4 latest stable PHP, Apache 2.2 mySQL 5.5The article is written and saved, even published. No errors... But when somebody trys to read it it will show:Fatal error: eZ Publish did not finish its requestThe execution of eZ Publish was abruptly ended, debug information can be found in the log files normally placed in var/log/*No other errors are available, not even in var/log!!Trying to edit the post gives no solution.I have checked php, fcgi, apc and looks fine. We opened time and memory parameters, but the links that have that error wont be available anymore.We ran autoload, same thing, no solution.The only way to manage this is to delete and publish again.cthe problem is this error is happening now in a daily basis when a week ago was not happening at all... I repeat this only happens once in a while, its not a standard issue... What may be the problem? Where should I look for? Is it a bug? Is it EZ? Or is it the server? or PHP? Where to look for? Thanks.

Friday 10 August 2012 6:52:43 pm

Nobody? sad.gif Emoticon

Friday 10 August 2012 8:49:40 pm



It was Memory limit in PHP.ini it was seto to 256 but needed to be 512... is this normal?

Its something of a little concern to me to need this amount of memory in a published post... why is it sometimes needing lot more than 256 MB?

This Articles are taking around 400MB. Is there a way to reduce this memory usage? How can I optimize this memory usage?


I dont need Translations, comments nor Ratings... I have disbaled them what else can I make to reduce Process Memory?

Friday 10 August 2012 11:16:58 pm

Hi LuisYou should check fetch functions in your article full view template. Maybe will help you.


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