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Subdomains and eZPublish

Subdomains and eZPublish

Thursday 10 July 2003 10:21:39 am - 2 replies

Hi there,
i have a question concerning subdomains. If I have the eZPublish page www.example.com and want to have the subdomain test.example.com which should show the page www.example.com/article/articleview/1833/1/505 , how do I have to configure the virtual server for the subdomain ?


Thursday 10 July 2003 11:32:54 am

It might look by your URL that you are using eZ publish 2, but since this is an eZ publish 3 forum, I assume that you got the URL wrong and here is the solution for eZ publish 3:

This is done with setting test.example.com as a different site access. For info about site access, check http://www.ez.no/developer/ez_pub...figuration/configuration/site_access
To show the page you are referding to on this site access you should set the IndexPage variable to /article/articleview/1833/1/505 in the site.ini.append file for this site access (more info on this is in the link above)

Thursday 10 July 2003 12:32:46 pm

Ups, wrong Forum, indeed. I have put it to the right forums now, thx for the info.


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