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Friday 09 May 2003 2:19:50 pm - 2 replies

Is Oslo the nearest airport to you and can we get the train from Oslo to Skien?

I know its jumping the gun a bit, but the earlier you book the flights to cheaper they are happy.gif Emoticon

Friday 09 May 2003 3:27:04 pm

The nearest (quite big) airport is Sandefjord(Torp) also it is called Oslo(Torp) airport. From that airport you can take bus to Skien.

Friday 09 May 2003 3:36:51 pm

How to get to eZ systems.

eZ systems has it offices downtown Skien in Norway, so if you have managed to get to Skien it is not hard to find eZ, we are right in the middle of everything.

For those of you arriving from abroad there are different ways:

By plane:
Nearest Airport is Torp Sandefjord, which I know have connections with London, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Glascow and Copenhagen. Visit www.Torp.no for flight info. It is only about 50 min with bus from Torp to Skien. (From some of these airports Ryanair has flights, which are very inexpensive if you order some days in advance.)

It is also possible to go to Gardermoen airport in Oslo, which is about 3 hrs with train or bus from Skien.

For those who come from the continent it is also possible to go by boat from denmark to Larvik.Larvik is only 30 min with bus from Skien. You can also drive a car on this ferry.

Skien is about 1,5 hours drive from Oslo towards the south if anybody goes by car.

If anybody has any spesific questions regarding getting here, please contact us at info@ez.no.

For your stay in Skien we have deals with local hotels very close to the offices.


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