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Super slow ezpublish?

Super slow ezpublish?

Monday 04 August 2003 11:42:30 pm - 1 reply

Hello Everyone,

I just downloaded the latest version of ezpublish (I downloaded the direct download version ? Since I already have Apache MySQL and PHP). The problem I am facing is that many pages take extremely long to load. Certain sections like the admin do not load at all. The CPU utilization just goes to 100%. I have waited for 10 mins for the admin section to load and all I get is load and PHP time outs and sometimes I just get blank screens. I uploaded the same version to my Linux server and it works PERFECTLY. The problem here is that I need to do some development work and it would be nice if I could do testing on my local system and the final upload on my Linux server. Below are some details of my server
OS ? Win XP home edition with SP1
Apache/2.0.46 (Win32) mod_ssl/2.0.46 OpenSSL/0.9.7b PHP/4.3.2
PHP 4.3.2
MySQL 3.2

When I load a page like , the apache server goes in 100% CPU utilization and edither does not output anything or PHP gives a script time out error. The server is insalled on my local machine via a virtual host hence the IP address

In PHP, I have enable register_globals, but I know this is not responsible for such a huge slowdown.

I would be grateful if anyone could solve this problem as I am on a very very tight schedule.

Thank you,

- Sid

Tuesday 05 August 2003 1:47:22 pm


give it a try with Apache 1.3.xx. ezP's support for Apache 2.x is still experimental, afaik.

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