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SVN .. Help :(

SVN .. Help :(

Monday 14 July 2003 9:50:10 am - 28 replies

each time I get this msg from svn on winxp when i trying to get the last revision copy, I get about 6Mb after this I get this msg !

svn: RA layer request failed
svn: could not checkout a file
svn: GET of /svn/nextgen/!svn/bc/2852/trunk/kernel/sql/postgresql/kernel_schema.
sql: 500 Server Error (http://zev.ez.no)

why the svn copy is TO BIG ?
is there are any way to make the svn start from the last step, I mean now i have 6Mb on disk i wanna svn start form here ?!

Tuesday 15 July 2003 10:21:35 am

The speed shouldn't be a problem, I've done fresh checkouts and updates over a 378 DSL .
The only times I've had problems with svn checkouts is when it's done on NFS mounts or running out of diskspace.

svn also has problems resuming broken checkouts (at least 0.23 and lower I think), this means that if a checkout fails you must remove (or rename) the local checkout and try a new checkout.

You can also try a
svn cleanup
in the checked out directory root.

Tuesday 15 July 2003 11:41:16 am

Do you have access to another machine that you can put subversion onto, and the attempt the checkout again?

The version of svn shouldn't be an issue for simply checking out.

Its difficult to tell if this is a machine/svn problem. I know from experience getting updates from ez is not a problem, subject to the occasional downtime of course, but it does work.

Another thing to try is to export from the ez repository directory, so:

svn export http://<ez> ez32

This will be smaller in size but you wont be able to update it. Might work though. Make sure your target directory is empty


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Tuesday 15 July 2003 12:37:02 pm

Hi ,,,

Got it happy.gif Emoticon finally !
on the same pc but with 512up, 1Mb download !

I had made 3 copy of it, in case happy.gif Emoticon i don`t wanna go in this happy.gif Emoticon

but 1 thing more ... what this folders .. scrap,test,bf,unreleased ?!

Tuesday 15 July 2003 1:00:24 pm

The svn files are unreleased and contain development areas for the ez team. Any directories you find that are not in the main release can be deleted. We do that.


Tuesday 15 July 2003 1:51:55 pm

THX alot ...

Thursday 07 August 2003 5:00:21 am

just wanna know whoever has used MA1858 DC-DC Controller before. i wanna know the values for the equations stated in the MAX1858 data sheet. URGENT!!! to all the kind souls out there, and can you just download the data sheet and help me solve this problem should you be kind enough. your helpfulness is greatly appreciated

Thursday 07 August 2003 6:50:50 pm

Try here

Tuesday 03 August 2004 8:27:03 pm

I'm having a strange problem with SVN on a Windows XP machine. It works fine on my work computer but gives me problems from my home computer. In particular I get the following:

c:\svn co http://xx.xx.xxx.xxx/svn/ted/ .
svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/svn/ted'
svn: PROPFIND of '/svn/ted': could not connect to server (

My router's firewall is not set to filter out anything so it all seems very strange.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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