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Templates and images...

Monday 16 June 2003 12:23:30 pm - 3 replies

I would like to know how can I get only image variables (ie. Path) to templates? If I use attribute_view_gui it creates the hole image inserting line (<img src=...).


Monday 16 June 2003 1:54:10 pm

Try the ezimage operator {"/subpathcurrentdesign/image.ext"|ezimage}



Monday 16 June 2003 3:27:58 pm

Thanks for your reply, but...

That doesn't help me in this case. I should have been more specific... happy.gif Emoticon
This picture witch attributes I need is added in the same article class at the sametime it is published. So, I cannot specify the image with ezimage...

The name of my image attribute in article class is "Kirjoittaja_kuva" and identifier "kirjoittaja_kuva", so I need to know how to implement this picture with specific size to the template. Best would be fetching only the image path and using that inside hardcoded image tag in template...


Friday 20 June 2003 12:32:15 pm

Hi Jerry
you can specify attributes for the img-tag like this:
{attribute_view_gui attribute=$content_version.data_map.<your_img_identifier> border_size=0 name="foo"}
look in design/standard/templates/content/datatype/view/ezimage.tpl to see the names of the possible attributes.
"name" for example is not there - so I wrote my own ezimage.tpl.

hope that helps


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