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Test harness for template fragments

Test harness for template fragments

Monday 14 April 2003 11:50:43 pm - 1 reply

Could one of you 'gurus' please tell me how to test fragments of templates.

For example, here is some code from you manual...

My limited knowledge suggests I'd need a database, a site, and some override templates... but which ones??

I suppose I would run it as a URI on localhost (I've got ez3 installed on my laptop)

Forgive my lack of knowledge... but I'm trying...

Sol Millin
byron bay

h2>Showing the template variables for different loop types</h2>
<p>For each iteration you can see the template variables which are set by the section function,
they are <b>index</b>:<b>number</b>:<b>key</b></p>

<h3>Looping an array of numbers</h3>

{section name=Num loop=$numbers offset=2 max=2}
{$Num:index}:{$Num:number}:{$Num:key} Number: {$Num:item}<br/>


<h3>Looping an associative array</h3>

{section name=Num loop=$assoc}
{$Num:index}:{$Num:number}:{$Num:key} Text: {$Num:item}<br/>


<h3>Iterating 5 times</h3>

{section name=Num loop=5 sequence=array(red,blue)}
{section-exclude match=$Num:item|gt(3)}
{section-exclude match=$Num:item|lt(3)}
{section-include match=$Num:item|lt(2)}
{$Num:sequence}-{$Num:index}:{$Num:number}:{$Num:key} Number: {$Num:item}<br/>


<h3>Iterating 5 times, backwards</h3>

{section name=Num loop=-5}
{$Num:index}:{$Num:number}:{$Num:key} Number: {$Num:item}<br/>



<h3>Looping over a multi-dim array</h3>
{* Looping over a multi-dim array and with a sequence *}
{section name=Loop loop=$menu:items sequence=array(odd,even)}
<tr><td>{$Loop:sequence} - {$Loop:item.uri}</td><td class={$Loop:sequence}>{$}</td></tr>

{* This section is controlled by the show parameter, if true the section is used (in this case false) *}
<p>Show list={$show_list|choose('off','on')}</p>
<p>{section name=Loop loop=$menu:items show=$show_list}
{$Loop:item.uri} : {$}<br />

{* This section will only show the {section-else} part since the show item is false *}
{section name=Loop show=0}
<p>abc {$Loop:item} def</p>
<p>Shown for zero or empty vars</p>

{* Numeric looping, also shows the use of the {delimiter} function *}
<h2>Loop 5 times</h2>
{section name=Loop loop=5}

<h2>Loop 5 times negative</h2>
{section name=Loop loop=-5}

Friday 02 May 2003 4:52:11 pm

I suggest simply using design/admin/templates/pagelayout.tpl if you want to test these temaplate fragments. Put them at the top of the file.
Yes, you need a working site to test this.


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