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Text-language is always Norwegian

Text-language is always Norwegian

Friday 21 November 2003 2:55:58 pm - 2 replies

I use Mozilla as my browser of choice. If I look at the page properties (on Mozilla) for *ANY* ez website (irrespective of language), I see
Miscellaneous Properties->text-language: Norwegian.
Looking at the HTTP headers on my site, I have
Content-language: eng-GB which is correct.

I have no idea where the text-language: Norwegian property is derived from. Anyone out there got any idea?

Sunday 23 November 2003 11:33:06 pm


I believe Mozilla fetches this information from the HTML source, and not from any HTTP headers sent. The pagelayout.tpl of ezp contains the following line:

<html xmlns="" xml:lang="no" lang="no">

I bet Mozilla will show English when you change the "no" to "en".


Monday 24 November 2003 7:56:23 am

I looked *everywhere* except there.
Thanks Hans. You're a genius.


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