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the new svn coz apache errors !

the new svn coz apache errors !

Wednesday 23 July 2003 3:07:05 pm - 12 replies

The new revision its coz apache errors, then give page not found !

apache v 1.3.27 , php 4.3.2

Wednesday 23 July 2003 4:19:25 pm


You have been a forum user for quite a while now so I assume you have read the guidlines on how to use a forum.

Please take the time to test and confirm your problem, provide a detailed way to reproduce your problem on whatever environment you are using and then post.

Also be aware that svn version from the trunk are considered to unstable.

Please do not post with only a few words that convery only your frustration.


Modified on Wednesday 23 July 2003 4:31:52 pm by Paul Forsyth

Wednesday 23 July 2003 4:38:42 pm

Sorry pual .. but I didn`t use to read guidlines happy.gif Emoticon

I have 3 copies of ezp 3.2 , with different revisions, and i used to update just one and test it if it ok then I update the next one and testing of its ok then I update my site, after the last svn update the 1st ezp copy start with erros in apache, no errors in debug, after the page is loaded is still loading and then come out popup windows saying there is error in apache !

I forget to say that i`m using Winxp !

I hope this the explanation what you waiting for happy.gif Emoticon

sorry if I bothering you blunk.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 23 July 2003 4:51:10 pm


I think the major thing you need to change is to spend a little more time considering your problem before posting.

Now, for your svn problem the following information may help.

You imply that you have several versions that sound to me to be full svn releases. My set up is to have a single directory with the ez svn code, and from that i export the code i need to a particular revision.

Documention for how to do this is found at:

Today the svn server had an outage and from what i know of subversion it (still being alpha software) has problems recovering from errors. So a redownload of the svn code may be needed to fix your problem.

However, i suggest using the export command when you have a downloaded version. This keeps your other code entirely seperate from your main svn version, and you can always go back to a version that worked if problems occur.

If you still have problems then maybe something in your machine setup has changed. Maybe your windows box needs a reboot?

The other thing to consider is not to use the very latest svn version unless it contains fixes that you need. You may spend more time maintaining new versions which takes you away from the work you need to do.


Modified on Wednesday 23 July 2003 4:51:32 pm by Paul Forsyth

Wednesday 23 July 2003 10:53:50 pm

I don't think this errors have much to do with Apache (1.x or 2.x), neither are caused by using a SVN copy of ez Publish 3, but rather an error in the PHP module in Apache (not confirmed.) Several people have expirienced the same problem when running ez Publish 3.1-1 on the Windows platform, including myself.

I have installed and run beta copies of eZ publish on the environment below and everything worked fine, until the final release of eZ publish 3.1.

The initial set-up runs fine when setting up eZ publish over a Web browser, but when you click on the 'done' button to finish the installation. The browser 'hangs' waiting a response from the server, but the server software (Apache in this case) crashes, and that's when the Web browser displays the 'Page not found'.

This is my environment:
- Microsoft Windows 2000 SP3
- Apache 2.0.46 / PHP 4.3.2 module
- PHP 4.3.2 / GD Library enabled
- MySQL 3.2.x
- eZ publish 3.1-1

I hope the ez crew this issue solved as soon as possible. I have a project to finish a couple weeks that based on ez publish 3.1.



Thursday 24 July 2003 8:18:01 am

you just said
My set up is to have a single directory with the ez svn code, and from that i export the code i need to a particular revision.

Could you please tell me which command should be used to export code which I specified to a particular revision?

I guess it may be merge, am I right?


Thursday 24 July 2003 8:54:45 am

Selmah's problem sounded like it could be due to the number of svn versions downloaded and the fact there was a svn outage yesterday that *may* have broke some download that may have been in progress. I am guessing here. In other threads it is easy to see Selmah has been having problems with svn version so i wanted to make sure that any problems there are identified.

If its another problem, fair enough, but more information than just 'my ez is broken' must be given. In this case previous svn versions appeared to work but a new one didn't. That suggests something with svn or the simple fact that the development version may have bugs in it which is highly likely (they are not recommended for use). But it could be what you say, geo.

For exporting at a particular revision just type:

svn export -r <rev> <your-svn-path>

Note: <your-svn-path> can be a local path or an address like, but exporting from a local directory is *waaaaay* faster.

Similary checkout can do the same thing.

Type 'svn help export' and 'svn help checkout' for more info, and look at the linked document in this thread to know more about svn.


Modified on Thursday 24 July 2003 8:58:01 am by Paul Forsyth

Thursday 24 July 2003 9:43:19 am

thanks for your link, I have read all about it

Thursday 24 July 2003 10:03:18 am

Hi all ..

Paul, I have 4 harddisc, each one have copy of ezp, when I make svn up. is not effect the others !

Now, after the last svn up. there is now apache errors in user sites, but in admin site some times the error windows come up !

I Agree with you, I must make export copy, becoz the svn had deleted my extensions which I have for testing.

The good ezp crew start with exporting function happy.gif Emoticon

Thursday 24 July 2003 10:17:47 am

Good luck,

I've learnt the hard way too. Now i leave my svn source alone and work with the exports happy.gif Emoticon


Thursday 24 July 2003 11:14:02 am

As stated in SVN documentations, svn always reserve any local copy modifications unless the user want it to do so.

Thus, I think svn update should not delete any files in local copy.

Thursday 24 July 2003 11:23:06 am

Thats also true for cvs.

However, since we are using alpha software i'd play on the safe side here. You can always create a symbolic link to your code if it is seperate.

Thursday 24 July 2003 11:45:00 am

its happend to , thx god its was test copy happy.gif Emoticon


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